Bravo Arts Academy

Dance Studio Reviews for Bravo
~A healthy philosophy for youth dance classes, bravo! Becky Davidson Pasman
~Alison is so very patient with people who were not brought up with dance or gymnastics. She has always made me feel welcomed and helped me become better than the time before. She is an excellent teacher! Raina Lyons Skeels
~Amazing class but what really sets this apart from so many places is the outstanding instruction!! Worth the drive to make it here!! Katie Kean
~Alison is a fantastic motivator and keeps her classes interesting with a fun mix of music and enough variety while still retaining the moves you know and dread during them (but love how your butt looks after). 
Cardio Barre is a great, low impacting toning and strengthening class while working my center/core.
I've taken classes from her for 2 1/2 years and without any significant changes in my diet, just her classes, I have dropped 4 dress sizes and maintained that loss. I'm toner and feel better than I ever have now that I am working out with her 4 days a week. Staying fit and healthy is a commitment but it's one of the most valuable investments you can make. It's an easy decision for me each month to spend my money at Bravo Arts Academy, to make my well being a priority in my life, and have a great time doing it! Dr. Rachel VandenBrink
~Alison is such a wonderful teacher and a great inspiration!! She is so knowledgeable and her classes are so much fun. Abbi Clark
~Amazing!!! Alison has helped me so much. She motivates me to be the best I can. Always pushes me that extra step. So glad I found this place and her!!! Lisa Truax
~These classes are the root of strong bodies and toning. Unbelievable change in muscle definition using your own body weight! So excited to have all these options in our cute little town! Ashley Jackson

With over 30 years of experience in the art of performance education, Bravo Arts Academy provides professional level instruction to our students. We are motivated by our love of visual arts and the passion to transfer our knowledge and skills to others so their creativity and talent can shine. Bravo is the FIRST and ONLY dance studio in Michigan with Aerial Silk training. Our students are educated to work in the entertainment industry. At Bravo, we want to steer every parent in the right direction when your child attends our performance school. We recommend every student take ballet in addition to their other classes. Technique begins in the ballet class, and from there students will find much greater success in all dance forms. Bravo offers Aerial Silk Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Tap.
(Due to the current issue of sexual exploitation permitted at dance competitions Bravo does NOT currently compete.)